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Arendal library


Arendal library



On Torvet in Arendal is the city's beautiful library. It offers a number of events, a rich selection of literature, and the beautiful building is also worth a visit in itself. Welcome to Arendal's most visited cultural institution!


Architecturally, the library is adapted to the building stock in the area, while indoors the library is an open and dramatic room. On the drawing board, architect Myraker took as his starting point that Arendal is an old maritime town, and the "ship" is therefore the architect's aesthetic idea - which is reflected in the very special roof construction. The "ship's deck" consists of a mezzanine that both provides screened reading areas, at the same time as it forms a roof in the children's adventure cave. If you visit as a tourist, it can be nice to know that what you borrow from us can be returned to other libraries throughout Norway. With a library card issued from here, you also have access to download e-books and access to subscription-based online newspapers. Here you can also perform services such as copying, scanning, and borrowing desktops, and there is a wireless network. The library in Arendal offers a number of events, and you stay up to date via the library's website. Feel free to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.


Phone number

0047 37 01 39 10



Arendal bibliotek, Torvet 6, 4836 Arendal

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