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Alta Canyon


Alta Canyon



Explore the largest canyon in Northern Europe- the Alta Canyon. You will be surrounded by breath taking vistas as you make your way to the viewpoint, with lush nature and bright skies enveloping you.


The Alta Canyon is the most massive canyon in Northern Europe, and is home to some of the best vistas in the region. The viewpoint allows you to look over the canyon from a height, giving you a panoramic perspective. You can reach the viewpoint through a range of fun methods- walking, hiking, biking, boating, and more. Due to Tutteberget's closure of the road, only guided visits are available to see the dam and power plant. The remaining 7-8 kilometres to the canyon may be walked or biked. You may also go on a hiking excursion to the Canyon from the Gargia Mountain Lodge, which is a terrific plains hike.You can also take a boat from Sorrisniva or go on a paddleboat along the Alta River. It is possible to drive all the way up to the canyon and dam, provided a guide is accompanying you.


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Alta Canyon, Alta

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