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Klöckers Hus - Arendal Town Museum


Klöckers Hus - Arendal Town Museum



Situated in Nedre Tyholmsvei, this museum is the representation of how a wealthy family lived more than a century ago. The interiors are decorated with vintage décor inspired from Copenhagen with furniture from the 1800s. The rear parts of this museum date back to the 1600s and there is also a section that displays the house of a sailor. Perfect for a walking tour around the city of Arendal, this museum will take you down the lane of history with an apt representation of Norwegian culture.


Built in 1826, this museum was once home to Johannes Nicolai von Klöcker, and it now represents a period house. After it was taken over by a local organisation called Stiftelsen Klöckers Hus, it was transformed from a private residence to a museum. It has a bedroom, dining room, kitchen, baking oven, and an office room. Klöckers Hus has walls filled with paintings, some of them being portraits of the family. There is also a stable with a landau (a carriage drawn by a horse). The museum also accommodates the home of Kjell Birkeland, a sailor and the maker of over 650 ship-in-a-bottle pieces of art. This space has a workshop open for public view with a collection of glass bottles filled with miniature ships and boats. Birkeland managed to create a variety of vessels like ferries, Dutch barges, oil tankers, etc., all of which are kept here for display. It also has a bottle that earned the Guinness Book of Records award in 2014 for containing the maximum number of ships.


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47 37 02 59 25



Nedre Tyholmsvei 14, 4836 Arendal, Norway

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