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Bjellandstrand Farm


Bjellandstrand Farm



Located in Tromøy, this farm dates back to 1650 when there stood only the main building. Today it features a plethora of cultivations like vegetables, fruits, roses, etc. It takes just 10 minutes to reach this farm via the Tromøy Bridge from the city centre in Arendal. It is situated close to the sea with a pebble beach adjacent to it.


In 2006, the property was acquired by a couple who later renovated it and turned it into a farm. It has beautiful surroundings, perfect for those who love to tread through natural trails. The garden area is built based on tons of research and utilises some principles from the University of Lund. It is also called the beach or therapy garden, given the peaceful atmosphere and vast spread of local vegetation here. If you’re looking for a place to relax along with your family, including children, this place is perfect because it is home to farm animals. The rose garden features plenty of varieties, including perennial flowers. There are café tables set within the garden where visitors can munch on some tasty delights. This garden offers banquet facilities for special occasions along with catering services of freshly-made food from the garden’s ingredients.


Phone number

47 37 04 09 00



Bjellandveien 86, 4818 Færvik, Norway

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