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Kalvøysund Fort


Kalvøysund Fort



Kalvøysund Fort is one of Arendal’s popular attractions with a historical background. It houses an underground space that was once a bunker during World War II to protect the army. Today, this fort is open to the public and attracts many tourists during the vacation season.


The Germans built the fortifications around the bunker in 1941 and the entire area covered almost 10 acres of land. The complex accommodates many spots that were traditionally a part of the defence fort during the time of war. It contains an observation tower, a resting room, defence points, and many areas still protected by steel doors. For history lovers, this fort will be a treat to the eyes with its numerous trenches and firing positions. Did you know it was once home to at least 120 soldiers? Moreover, it was secured all around with almost 620 landmines which prove the architectural significance of this majestic fort. Another interesting fact about this attraction is that it contained cannons that had an enormous range of around 12,000 metres. After World War, the fort was briefly used by the Norwegian armed forces but was later taken over by local authorities who now run it as a recreational area for the public. The fort overlooks the sea and beautiful landscapes that are worth adding to a summer vacation itinerary.


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47 37005544



Kalvøysundveien, 4920 Staubø, Norway

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