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Frogner Park


Frogner Park



From marvelling at the Vigeland installation to basking in the sun, there is so much you can do when you visit Norway's largest park – Frogner Park.


Situated in the heart of Oslo lies the spectacular Frogner Park, the largest park in the city. Spanning across 45 hectares, this park houses stunning bronze and granite installations by renowned sculptor, Gustav Vigeland. If you look closely, you’ll see how intricately the figurines have been carved out! You will also find stunning manor buildings and the Oslo City Museum towards the south and excellent sports facilities on the outskirts of the park. Both locals and tourists come here for sightseeing, walks, barbecues, spending time with friends, etc. You can stop at The Frogner Park Café or the Manor House Restaurant for a quick bite or to grab lunch.


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