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Go free-diving in the Harstad archipelago and experience the beauty of the world underwater by booking Arctic Sea to Summits’ exciting freediving/snorkle tour!
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Free diving is a type of underwater diving that requires the diver to hold their breath until they resurface instead of relying on equipment like scuba gear. Free-diving has gained immense popularity amongst tourists in Norway, with a wide range of diving tours coming up, including ones where you can go diving with Orcas

You get to swim around in the brilliant blue archipelago of Harstad in Northern Norway on this diving tour. You can also float around in the clear waters and watch life unfold underwater (snorkle).

An experienced free diver will accompany you to guide and help you, and you are free to choose whether you want to dive a little deeper or just snorkel at the surface and watch the sea life from above.

On this tour, you may see an array of demersal fish such as halibut, catfish and flounder. Underwater hunting, however, is strictly prohibited so that more people can see the large schools of fish that you will see.

At least 2 people are required for this excursion and can go up to 4 people. The meeting location for the trip will be provided to you after the booking is confirmed.
  • Grab this fantastic opportunity to witness underwater life with your own eyes!
  • Free dive to a few metres below sea level or snorkle at surface and make friends with a variety of fishes.
You are encouraged to carry an extra set of clothes for this trip.
  • An experienced free diver to assist you
  • Diving suit and equipment are available to rent


Harstad, Norway