The Prisonhotel in Arendal

Parkveien 6, 4838 Arendal

Distance to center 950 meter
A very special and not least captivating experience for you

We want our guests to experience completely unique stories that are both captivating and exciting, and that will provide a memory for life.

The rooms are newly renovated this year (2022), and are 9m² large with both toilet, sink, electricity and wifi. As well as a small desk. The theme we have chosen a type of black and white pattern in the cell rooms. The prison has 24 newly renovated prison cells on the first and second floors, and a large "director's residence" at the very top of the 3rd floor. We offer 18 single cell rooms and 5 two- to three-person rooms, 1 family room (private shower) and the "director's residence" which consists of two larger rooms, two separate beds, sofa, kitchen, separate shower and large round window with downward view towards Arendal center.
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Parkveien 6, 4838 Arendal

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