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Why you should join GoTo Norway today

6 reasons why you should partner with GoToNorway

Did you know that when you book a tour on a global Online Travel Agency (OTA), about 20% to 30% of the revenue is shipped out of Norway? The best option to address this matter is by choosing to go local. Our GoToNorway business model was nurtured from the seed of this very idea – to allow tourism to stay local. When tours are booked on our platform, travellers from all over the world can witness the beauty of Norway’s unspoilt nature and learn more about our rich cultural heritage from the locals themselves. With reputable local tour suppliers on board, we will be able to equip the 21st-century traveller with the best options available to ensure they have a memorable stay in Norway, whether they want to hike to the Kjerag boulder or cruise across Lysefjord. No matter what tour packages you offer, we can make it more accessible to your guests when you associate with us. Here are six reasons why you should collaborate with GoToNorway.

1) Partner with us for free

Becoming a tour supplier on our portal is easy-peasy. You just have to visit our website and sign up with your company information. We do not charge you anything for signing up – there are no registration/booking/membership fees or any sort of hidden costs. When your tour is booked by a prospective customer, you will only be charged 20% as a commission. That’s it! There won’t be any other costs, whatsoever. Our team believes in open communication and being transparent with all our partners. 

2) Top-notch marketing strategies 

At GoToNorway, we understand that the modern, tech-savvy traveller craves more authentic experiences are willing to choose local operators to satiate their wanderlust. Once you partner with us, we will market your tours and events as our own products. As a part of our marketing campaign, we will refresh the content of your tour listings and SEO optimise them for free to help you improve your brand’s awareness and increase your Return of Investment. We have a strong online presence and are active on various social media platforms and travel forums. Moreover, our website can be accessed on all devices with excellent site navigation features, thereby ensuring great user experience and longer session lengths.

3) State-of-the-art software solutions

Travel technologies have come a long way since the 20th-century. Today, we have modern technologies that help travel businesses and tour providers to market their services seamlessly. There are software solutions for everything from managing your customer database to generating invoices. At GoToNorway, we have connections with several travel booking platforms like Trekksoft and Zaui & Bookingkit, which are used by many Norwegian tour providers. We will be getting other booking platforms onboard very soon. If you are not using a reservation system yet, worry not. When you hop on board as our partner, you will be able to directly upload your allotment to our system. You will receive notifications when your tour is booked and have the option to keep track of the potential leads.

4) Excellent distribution options

White labelling has been known to leverage profits and branding standards. As a reputable white label service provider, we offer a range of solutions to the end customer on behalf of hotels. Airbnb hosts, on the other hand, will be offered booking links to present your tours to guests. This helps you reach your target audience without any hassle and helps in activating the local travel & tourism community.

5) All the revenue generated stays local

As mentioned earlier, when tours are booked on global OTAs, a share of the revenue goes out of the country. This can be avoided when you choose to go local. By advertising your tour products and packages on our GoToNorway portal, the entire revenue stays in Norway, as we are local-based. It will immensely boost our thriving local tourism industry, which in turn benefits the Norwegian economy.

6) Receive your payments on time

Our core management team has high ethical standards and understands the importance of being transparent with all our dealings. When a customer pays for a tour, you will receive the funds in your bank account within a fortnight of the tour taking place. We will not lock your funds and will make payouts as soon as the fourteen days are complete. One of our efficient team members will also give you a breakdown of the commission charges so that you can have a better understanding of how the commission is distributed locally.

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Locals have a better knowledge of Norway’s topography, the untold stories of different regions, and the best vantage points for viewing Norway’s dramatic scenery. By giving the reins of tourism to the locals, the revenue generated stays in the country. With decades of experience in the travel and tourism industry, we understand the nitty-gritty of this line of business. Being customer-oriented, we know how to build and maintain relationships with our partners and create a thriving environment for brainstorming sessions. So, if you like our unique business model, let’s collaborate and explore how you can showcase your products with us.

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