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Welcome to Ålesund

Welcome to Ålesund

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Welcome to  Ålesund

From gawking at architectural structures to tasting some mouth-watering Norwegian delicacies, Ålesund has it all! Enjoy the essence of Norwegian culture here.


Situated on the western coast of Norway, this port town is known for being an architectural marvel and a nature lover's paradise. Whether you are going on a backpacking trip or are looking for family-friendly outdoor activities, there is a lot you can do here at Ålesund. Visit this old Norwegian town to experience the very best of nature – cascading waterfalls, tall cliffs, snowy valleys, deep fjords, rare marine birds, and arctic wildlife.
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With us you will find all side activities in Norway via well-known outdoor, indoor and family activities.


With steep mountains, gushing waterfalls, and glaciers encircling the Hjørundfjord, it is a stunning attraction with vistas that will make a lasting impression.


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