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Welcome to Sognefjorden

Welcome to Sognefjorden

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Welcome to  Sognefjorden

Are you looking to paddle across the longest fjord in Norway? Visit Sognefjorden! Experience the beauty of the King of Fjords up, close, and personal!


Sognefjord is rightly nicknamed the ‘king of fjords’, thanks to its massive length (200+ kilometres) and great depth (4,291 ft). It is one of the top destinations in Western Norway as you can do so much when you visit here. Sognefjord is a haven for water lovers and adventure enthusiasts. The fjord runs across many towns and villages, so you can go on a cruise here to explore everything from cascading waterfalls to quaint villages. Of course, those looking for cultural experiences can stop by the museums and galleries or even have a chat with the locals to learn more about the cultural heritage of this picturesque location.
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