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Welcome to Oslo

Welcome to Oslo

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Welcome to  Oslo

Visit some of Norway's must-see landmarks and experience the city life for your Oslo getaway. Book a sightseeing tour to explore some scenic locales here.


Oslo is the most populous city and one of the bustling tourist hubs in the country. Travellers from far and wide come here to visit an assortment of museums and galleries to learn about Oslo’s rich culture. The city is sometimes nicknamed the 'world's biggest village' as it is blessed with unspoilt nature and promotes environmentally friendly tourism. If you want to spend some time soaking in the city’s jaw-dropping sceneries, you can choose from a bunch of activities to explore the icy terrains, blue fjords, sandy beaches, and green forests in the city. You can also come here to try out the local cuisine and experience the lively nightlife. There is something for everyone here!
Points of Interest

Top Activities

With us you will find all side activities in Norway via well-known outdoor, indoor and family activities.

The Viking Planet

Ever wonder about life in Norway during the 8th century? Visit Norway's first digital museum, The Viking Planet, to learn about the fascinating life of the Vikings!


Kistefos Museum

Experience top-of-the-line architecture, stunning art displays and industrial history all amidst gorgeous settings in a sculpture park at the Kistefos Museum!

NOK 150

Private Nature Walks: Arts & Parks

View some world-famous art as well as experience the spectacular panoramic grandeur of Norway's fjords and forests on this nature walk and art tour.

Private Nature Walks: Forest To Fjord

Go hiking and explore the largest urban forest in Europe on this forest tour by Viking Biking and take in all the stunning views that Norway offers.

NOK 4000

Top Attractions

With us you will find all side activities in Norway via well-known outdoor, indoor and family activities.

Akershus Castle and Fortress

Discover the rich history of Norway when you visit the magnificent Akershus Fortress in Oslo. This medieval castle was built in 1299 to protect and defend the kingdom from invaders. Interestingly, no foreign forces could ever capture the fortress and the castle!

Frogner Park

From marvelling at the Vigeland installation to basking in the sun, there is so much you can do when you visit Norway's largest park – Frogner Park.

Nordic Bible Museum

With a collection of a whopping 5,500 Bibles, the Nordic Bible Museum in Oslo is the largest not just in Norway but the whole of the Scandinavian region. Stroll across the museum and wake the pious side of you!

The Royal Palace

The spectacular Royal Palace is the official residence of the Norwegian royalty, HM King Harald V and HM Queen Sonja, and one of the popular attractions in Oslo. Selected rooms in the palace are open for public viewing in summer.

Top Restaurants

With us you will find all side activities in Norway via well-known outdoor, indoor and family activities.


Treat your taste buds with well-thought dishes made by experienced chefs. Visit Stallen to experience fine dining at its best in the heart of Oslo.

Rey Del Mar Oslo

If you’re looking for fresh Mediterranean food in Oslo, try Rey Del Mar Oslo. Enjoy platefuls of mouth-watering street food or grab a quick bite while on the go.

Restaurant Fangst

If you are thinking of trying out omakase-style menu, visit Restaurant Fangst, They serve authentic Japanese food and a selection of wine and sake.


Savour a scrumptious Norwegian fare and enjoy the relaxed ambience at one of Oslo's Michelin Star restaurants, Statholdergaarden. Make a reservation today!


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