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Welcome to Lofoten

Welcome to Lofoten

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Welcome to  Lofoten

Witness Norway's untouched landscapes at Lofoten. Plunge into blue fjords, climb tall cliffs, and relax on sandy beaches when you visit this archipelago.


Lofoten is a cluster of islands in the county of Nordland, located just above the Arctic circle and 2,420 km away from the North Pole. The archipelago is known for its sandy beaches, magnificent mountains, gorgeous fjords, and quaint fishing villages, making it the perfect destination for nature lovers. As Lofoten has so much to offer, you can easily do a range of outdoor activities whilst revelling in the beauty of nature at its finest. Archaeological data reveals that this area would have been inhabited about 11,000 years back. So you can also visit Lofoten to learn about the history of the Vikings and the Ice Age. The main islands that form Lofoten are Austvågøy, Vestvågøy, Flakstadøy, and Moskenesøy. You also have a range of smaller islands with equally dramatic panoramic views.
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With us you will find all side activities in Norway via well-known outdoor, indoor and family activities.

Fishing trip in Henningsvær

Spool the reel, string the rod, and reel in the line because it's time to catch some fish! Join Lofoten Sea to Summit on an enjoyable fishing trip in Henningsvær.

Top Attractions

With us you will find all side activities in Norway via well-known outdoor, indoor and family activities.


Often called the ‘Venice of Lofoten’, Henningsvær is a hub for cultural activities and adventure alike. Also visit the art gallery and more on this beautiful island.


Explore the world of the Vikings in the largest Viking longhouse ever found in the Lofotr museum as you study the architecture and crafts of that time and look at an archaeological display.

Haukland Beach

Located at the serene coastaline of Lofoten, Haukland Beach is a popular spot amongst beach lovers, especially during summer. It is also called Lofoten’s swimming beach thanks to its exotic atmosphere and spectacular mountain landscape in the background. Visitors are allowed on the beach all day at any time, with free entry for children below 2 years.


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