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E-bike rental


E-bike rental



Whiz across scenic islands on an e-bike and bask in the glory of the spectacular views of Harstad. Enjoy ArctiConcepts' e-bike rental services at great rates.


There's something quite exhilarating about going on a biking expedition. You reacquaint with nature, get a better glimpse of the locality, and help in reducing carbon footprint! If you are considering biking for your Harstad getaway, rent a fully-equipped bicycle from ArctiConcepts! As the Harstad municipality is located on the largest island on mainland Norway, Hinnøya, there is so much you can explore here on an e-bike. You could go for challenging rides up rugged mountains or go island hopping whilst enjoying the weather and spectacular sights of nature! ArctiConcepts offers eOne-Twenty 500 bikes from Merida for rent. Known for their top-quality performance and excellent acceleration, the bikes are perfect for long journeys and varying terrains. The model's Shimano E7000 power system ensures a wide range (about 60 to 120 kilometres range per charge for demanding terrains). The engine has three different levels of assistance, so you can use them on slopes and even steep peaks! While choosing an electric bike for hire, make sure to select a bicycle suitable for your height. ArctiConcepts advises guests to have travel insurance, which includes insurance of rental objects, as they'll be liable to pay for damages or loss of the bike. Each rental day is of 24 hours. If you return the bike outside the opening hours, you will be charged an extra cost, so plan your day accordingly. You can enjoy ArctiConcepts' e-bike rental services all across Harstad. - The following sizes of bicycles are available. - S - For individuals in the height range 155 to 170 cm - M - For individuals in the height range 165 to 180 cm - L - For individuals taller than 180 cm


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