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LAST UPDATED 2021-06-04


These conditions of use (“Conditions of Use”) govern access to and the use of websites owned or operated by GOTO Norway AS, org. no. 925 038 555, (the “Websites”).  GOTO Norway AS is referred to as the company, we, us or ours in these Conditions of Use. 

Conditions of Use apply to you who visits our Websites whether you are a private person or consumer, company, or trader, and whether you are the buyer or supplier of products on our Websites (“Users”). Users are also referred to as you, your or theirs in these Conditions of Use.

Our Websites are a digital market platform where suppliers can offer their excursion, experiences, activities, or travel services (the “Product”) for sale. 

If you purchase a Product through our Websites, you will automatically enter into a separate agreement (“Conditions of Purchase”) with the supplier who sells you the Product. We are not a party to that agreement, and we are not responsible for the correct delivery of the Product. It is the supplier of the Product who shall ensure that the Product is delivered to you as agreed and detailed on our Websites and in the order confirmation. 

If you are a supplier and want to offer your travel or leisure services for sale through our Websites, you must enter into a separate marketing agreement with us.

These Conditions of Use apply in addition to any other agreements entered into between us and you. 


When you purchase a Product through our Websites you will pay for the Product via our payment intermediary. 

The payment intermediary will not transfer the settlement to the supplier of the Product until you have utilized the Product. You are deemed to have made use of the Product at the agreed time of delivery, whether you have participated or not, and provided that you have not cancelled the Product within the cancellation deadline specified in the Conditions of Purchase and/or the Website’s description of the Product. 

If you have any questions about your payment of the Product, please contact us via our customer service center. Terms of payment are set out in more detail in the Conditions of Purchase. 


If, after selecting and paying for one travel service, you book other travel services for your trip or holiday via our company, you are NOT covered by the rights that apply to package travel under the Norwegian Package Travel Act (implementing Directive (EU) 2015/2302). 

Therefore, our company will not be responsible for the correct delivery of these other individual travel services. In case of problems please contact the relevant service provider. 

However, if you book any other travel services during the same visit to our Websites, the travel services will form part of a linked travel arrangement. In such case, we have, as required by Norwegian and EU law, a travel guarantee that ensures a refund of your payments to us for the Product that is not delivered due to our insolvency. 

Please note that this does not guarantee a refund in the event of the insolvency of the relevant service provider. 

More information on insolvency protection :

GOTO Norway AS has presented a travel guarantee to the Travel Guarantee Fund. If the Product is not delivered due to GOTO Norway AS's insolvency, the traveler can contact the Travel Guarantee Fund:

Postal address:
The Travel Guarantee Fund
Boks 1807 Vika
0123 Oslo

The Travel Guarantee Fund
c/o Advokatfirmaet Nova DA
Roald Amundsens gate 6
0160 Oslo

Telephone: +47 51 85 99 40


Note: The travel guarantee does not cover agreements with parties other than GOTO Norway AS and that can be fulfilled despite GOTO Norway AS' insolvency.


We process personal information about our Users if you register as a Customer on our Websites, send us an inquiry via our Websites or contact us in any other way, enter into an agreement with us to advertising on our Websites or if you purchase a Product on our Websites. 

We refer to our privacy policy for information on how we process personal information. 


We hold the intellectual property rights to content published on our Websites. All use of content on our Websites must be in line with normal and proper use. 

With the exception of private use, it is not permitted to copy, reproduce, publish, upload, send or distribute any material or information from our Websites without our prior written permission.

It is not permitted to use automated services (robots, spiders, indexing etc.) as well as other procedures for systematic or regular copying of the content of our Websites without our explicit written consent. 


Our Websites is a digital marketplace that allows suppliers to advertise the Product for sale and purchase. 

We are only the intermediary of Products sold via our Websites. We are therefore not responsible for the delivery of the Product, including your rights as a consumer to complain, seek compensation or cancel your purchase. We are also not responsible for the correct description of the Product on our Websites. This is the supplier of the Product's responsibility. 

Our responsibilities as a digital marketplace is limited to the liability that follows from the rules of the Norwegian E-Commerce Act. In any event, our liability is limited to direct losses that have arisen as a result of the use of our Websites and which are a direct consequence of gross negligence on our part. We are not responsible for indirect losses. 


Users of our Websites undertake to indemnify us of any third-party claims in connection with your own use of our Websites or if you have acted in violation of these Conditions of Use. 


If you wish to complain about a Product purchased through our Websites, please contact the supplier immediately. Contact details for the supplier will appear on your order confirmation. If you need assistance finding the contact details for the supplier, please contact our customer service center. 


If you have any questions about our Websites whether this applies to you as a user of the Websites or a buyer of a Product, please contact our customer service center. 


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